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Our Mission  

Rising Starr Horse Rescue saves, rehabilitates, retrains and rehomes abandoned, neglected or abused horses.  We educate the public about at-risk horses and the importance of protecting them. 

By giving America's horses a second chance at life we give the community the chance to experience the love, patience, and compassion horses have for humans.


Our Story 

When Kelly Stackpole decided to open her barn to teach noncompetitive horse lessons in 2005, her goal was to bring her passion and love for these incredible animals to others and guide them toward finding a similar love and connection to horses. While looking for horses to fill her barn, Kelly did not expect to discover that young, sound and healthy horses as well as older horses were being discarded and often sent off to slaughter.  As soon as she became aware that any of the animals beloved to her were not treated in a humane way, she found another mission, and Rising Starr Horse Rescue was born. 


Rising Starr relies on a group of talented and specialized veterinarians, staff, and volunteers who work together to approach each  horse’s rehabilitation. This team of dedicated individuals ensures that every horse becomes healthy, happy, and confident before moving on to its new home.  


Beyond restoring comfort and care to these horses, our purpose at Rising Starr is to inform others about the cruelty of horse slaughter while providing guidance on how to decrease the number of unwanted horses in the United States. 


Every member of our program treats all of our horses with the love and respect they deserve - it's their passion. Our volunteers include many teens and children. We hope that by teaching children to be  thoughtful and caring about the treatment of horses, we will have the biggest impact on the future of America's horses.  Not only does RSHR have a dedicated board of directors, we are developing a youth board to continue our work in the future.


Rising Starr Horse Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization located in Wilton, CT. 




Kelly has been teaching riding and training horses professionally for over 30 years. After more than two decades teaching and training at the national level, Kelly decided her true passion was to teach noncompetitively so that she could guide both students and horse owners to become 100% involved in the process of horse ownership and as a result form a significant and bonded relationship with their horses. 


Kelly started Rising Starr Horse Rescue as a way to give back to the animals she loves and to give all children a place where they can participate and express their own love of horses. 

About: About Us


Founder and Executive Director

Kelly has been teaching riders and training horses for over thirty five years professionally. After teaching and training at a national level for many years, Kelly has chosen to teach non-competitively for students and horse owners that want to be 100% involved in the process of horse ownership form a great relationship with their horse.

Kelly started Rising Starr Horse Rescue as a way to give back to the animals she loves so much and to give all  a outlet for there love of horses.

Board of Directors

President:  Michele Lavelle
Vice President: Louann Fecarotta
Treasurer:  Ron Fontana
Secretary:  Ashley Wilkum
Board Members:
Nancy Fontana
Ed Lavelle
Peyton Cochran
Megan Robertson
Leslie Stoddart
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