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Why Sponsor a Horse?

Sponsorship allows people who want to help but are too far away or who are unable to volunteer a way to be a part of our community.

Sponsorship is a perfect way for the first-time horse owner to explore what ownership might be like.

The program is a month-to-month donation so you can stop at any time.

Your sponsorship is a tax-deductible donation.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

Sponsorship unmounted costs as much (or as little) as you’d like to pay each month! It’s a recurring payment, but you choose the amount that works for you. Truly every bit helps.

 Riding your sponsored horse 3 days a week is $800.00 per month and 6 days a week is $1600.00.  All horses remain adoptable with a 15-day notice that the horse has found a home.

The cost of food, hay, basic vet bills, training, farrier and basic care per horse is approximately $53 per day, or $1600 per month for stalled horses. Dental care and any major medical care are above and beyond that.

Our goal is to obtain sponsorships that total $1600 per month for each horse in our care. Once we have reached sponsorships totaling $1600 per month for a given horse, we stop accepting additional sponsorship for that horse.

How long is the commitment to Sponsor?

There is no commitment for a non-riding sponsor. You may cancel at any time.

If you are a half or full sponsor that rides, we ask for 30-day notice.  You may contact us any time.

What horse can I Sponsor?

You may sponsor any program or adoptable horse.  Please Remember adoptable horse will remain up for adoption even if fully sponsored.  Our goal is to find safe and loving homes and fill our stalls with at risk horses.  We will give 15 days’ notice of adoption.  We encourage non riding sponsors to interact with the horse the are sponsoring ( we will teach you how) as much as they can.

What horses can be sponsored?

You may sponsor any program or adoptable horse. Please remember that adoptable horses remain up for adoption even if fully sponsored. Our mission is to find safe and loving homes for our rescued horses so that we may continue rescuing at-risk horses. We will give sponsors a two week notice of impending adoption.

Is Sponsorship for you?

Please talk to Kelly to see how you can get involved in sponsoring one of our horses. We hope to reach full monthly support for each of our Rising Starr horses!

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